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There is a new dressage schooling show series in the Hudson Valley, and it is a fun one! “If you are new to showing dressage, the Hudson Valley Dressage Series is a perfect place to start and a great confidence builder. “Experienced riders that are more used to rated shows can also bring their younger horses to get them started in a quieter setting, without compromising on the quality of the amenities” explains one of the founders of the series, Deb Corr, owner of Old Field Farm, in Goshen, NY.

Old Field Farm teamed up with three other farms from Orange County to start a new Dressage series that would attract riders from all around the Hudson Valley on both sides of the river. “There was a lack of schooling shows around here, and high demand from dressage riders, especially after the covid hiatus, during which we lost the Orange County Dressage Association series. We wanted to fill that gap, and even add more to it,” explains Madeleine Debure, owner of Free Walk Dressage in Campbell Hall, NY.

“Not everyone is ready for USDF-rated competitions, and schooling shows are always a great steppingstone to it. Many riders only focus on attending schooling shows – they are more local, more affordable, and similar in feel, with a little less pressure!” Madeleine remarked. “More friendly too,” according to Deb who insists, “this is a judgment-free series…except for the judge at C of course! But we are here to support and encourage each other. We all participate in shows ourselves and know how much work it takes to get to the competition ring, no matter what the score turns out to be.”

The bonus of the series is the final Championships event. Madeleine went on to tell us, “We wanted to emulate the big, rated shows and give riders an opportunity to challenge themselves in a championships type of format. You must get your qualifying scores during the season, and on the day of the championships, no matter if you aced 70s the whole season or if you just qualified with the minimum scores, everyone starts at the same level. It is the championship ride and if you win that test, you take the title! Last year, it was such a treat to see the top 6 riders of each division be awarded their championships ribbons and perform a lap of honor under a cheering crowd – just like the pros!”

For the second year, the Hudson Valley Dressage Shows will again be part of the USDF Schooling show program – a regional ranking offered by the Federation. If you are interested in participating, mark your calendar with the 2022 show dates below.

  • May 1 at Free Walk Dressage in Campbell Hall.
  • June 26 at Old Field Farm in Goshen.
  • August 6 at WillsWay Equestrian Center in Goshen.
  • September 17 at North Wind Horse Farm in Wallkill.
  • October 1 is the Championship and Open Show at WillsWay Equestrian in Goshen.


For more information on the Hudson Valley Dressage Series, visit their website.