Every horse should be whispered to! We believe in always nurturing a friendly relationship with the horse and encourage groundwork, in-hand work, and liberty work. Horses become difficult when pushed too quickly into too many new and/or demanding exercises; horses become difficult when they are in pain; horses become difficult when they don’t understand you, and as a general rule: when we simply don’t understand what they are trying to tell us. Riding with a bitless bridle, without a bridle or performing liberty work are just expressions of the dialogue you need to foster every day with your horse. Horses will do anything for you if they understand, trust and respect you. And this only works if you are able to understand them, trust and respect them yourself. It is so much fun and truly a deep bonding experience to ride him/her without anything, cantering together like one being! It changes your riding, making you rely more on your mind and seat. It also keeps enlightening your more “serious” dressage sessions, and brings more joy to all your hard work!