1. Login using the Highlighted icon at the top right of the website (on a computer)
2. Once in your Frontend Dashboard, Fill out your profile. If you would like to have a farm or business name be visible publically instead of your actual name, you can add the business name in the First and Last name fields.


3. After your profile is complete, click the link for “Your Ads” on the left
This will load the Create an ad page. Click the large Question Mark in the center of the page to create an ad. If it is your first ad, a phone verification box will come up.
4. Add an active phone number starting with the country code of +1 and phone number with no dashes. Hit submit. You will receive either a voicemail or text (depending on what option you chose) with a code that you need to enter here.
5. Once your phone is verified, you can create your first ad.
You receive 3 free ads as our welcome gift. Each ad is good for 60 days and you have 180 days to use them. After this time, you can see the prices for additional ads under the “subscription” tab in your dashboard.Choose the ad type you want to create from the dropdown. The available types are:

  1. Selling
  2. Auction
  3. Buying
  4. Exchange
  5. Rent
  6. Job – Offer
  7. Job – Wanted
  8. Directory

Once you choose the ad type, complete the form to create the ad, and hit submit. This will send your ad to admin where it will be reviewed and then published if everything is in order. If there is a problem, we may reach out to you to correct it.

6. Whitelist our email, info@equuslocal.com to make sure you don’t miss our emails
Once your ad is live, you want to pay attention to any emails you receive from us. This website has a messaging system that allows interested people to message you directly in the website. You will find these messages under your name in your frontend dashboard.

Have Questions? I am here to help. Shoot us a quick email to info@equuslocal.com